THE MODEL – Chapter 1: Marcello in Limbo

Now-Again Records and What Matters Most present a short film duo entiled “The Model,” inspired by the recently released Seu Jorge and Almaz album by Brazilian singer and actor Seu Jorge.

Seu Jorge is most noted for his role as Knockout Ned in the famed film”City of God” and also starred in Wes Anderson’s cult classic “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”

The first part “Chapter 1: Marcello in Limbo” is a one-take affair that follows Jorge as he weaves through a cliff-side mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The film showcases three cover songs from the album (Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine,” Martinho da Vila and João de Aquino’s “Cirandar” and Kraftwerk’s “The Model”) and features the members of his band Almaz, producer Mario C and keyboardist Money Mark.

Director: Khalil Joseph
Starring: Seu Jorge
Photography: Bradford Young and Matthew J. Lloyd
Producer: Omid Fatemi and Daniel Song
Styling: Earl and Davia Hunter for Style By Davia
Music: Seu Jorge and Almaz
Additional production support by Jon David Lloyd
Executive Producer: Paul Chang

Produced by What Matters Most

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